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Alaris Avocats is a modern, medium-sized international law firm with its head office in Paris. We represent your legal interests in France and provide you with comprehensive support as long-term partners. Our lawyers in Paris are bilingual or trilingual. As our lawyers speak English, French, Italian as well as German, we can advise our clients in their respective mother tongue.

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English speaking law firm – legal support in France

Our English-speaking lawyers are specialised in French and international law. We successfully advise English, American and French medium-sized and large companies on the legal issues. However, our clients base also include private individuals from English speaking countries, like American, England and Australia.


The main focus of our law firm in Paris is to provide all-round support to our English-speaking clients in need of legal assistance in France. Our English-speaking lawyers are admitted to the French bar and successfully practise as lawyers in France.

As an international Franco-English law firm with a highly motivated, young and committed team, we aim to provide legal advice in a new, modern and client-friendly way. Our English-speaking lawyers in Paris have successfully completed their legal studies in France and also have several years of professional experience abroad. In addition, our English-speaking lawyers have all previously worked at international law firms in France. Our English-speaking lawyers in France have at least 10 years of professional experience.

Claim and contract management

With more than 20 years of expertise in the construction and engineering sector, the Alaris Law team has extensive experience in claim and contract management for general contractors, subcontractors and clients, for both French and international contracts (e.g. FIDIC). A team of lawyers ensures the contractual handling of a ... Read more about Claim and contract management

Construction consortia in France

Construction law in France. A consortium is a temporary association of (construction) companies for the submission of a joint bid and/or the joint execution of a construction contract. A consortium exists only throughout the duration of the construction contract and does not have its own legal personality. It therefore does not exist ... Read more about Construction consortia in France

Services provided by our English speaking law firm

The main areas of activity of our English speaking law firm include French labour law, French construction law and French corporate law. Furthermore, our English speaking lawyers specialise in French commercial law and arbitration in France. At our law firm, we also clients on French contract law, French commercial agency law, French commercial leases, foreclosure in France, French expert proceedings and French insolvency law.


Our English-speaking lawyers at Alaris Avocats act both in an advisory capacity and in court proceedings throughout France and before all French courts. In accordance with our motto “big enough to serve, small enough to care”, we have built up a well-functioning international network of advisors so as to accompany our clients in matters other than French labour law, French construction law or French commercial and corporate law, primarily in the USA and in Germany. Because your success is our goal!

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